FPAJ fundacion psicología analitica junguiana

They began their activities in 2010, the initial team composed of Lic. Ada C. Cerioni and Prof. Lic. Santiago J. Torres, giving training in Jungian Analytical Psychology, both teachers in multiple houses of study (UNC, UBA, UCES, Siglo XXI, etc), currently doing their PhD theses in Psychology (UCES) and in Political Sciences (CEA).

From 2012 to 2016, they worked in the training of graduates through the delivery of Postgraduate courses from the National University of Córdoba. In this space the following proposals were dictated: "Introduction to Analytical Psychology by Carl G. Jung", "Applied Analytical Psychology", "Fairy tales and archetypes: an analytical interpretation", "Interpretation and analysis of dreams from the perspective of Jungian psychology ”, among others.

As of 2015, they began their participation in the National University of Córdoba, with two undergraduate proposals: "Jungian analytical psychotherapy and clinic"; "Jungian analytical psychology applied to sociopolitical analysis" . Both proposals approved by the Honorable Board of Directors and renewed consecutively on three occasions.

During the three years of delivery of these training proposals, 2831 students passed through our classes and evaluated the proposals with high degrees of satisfaction.

In 2018, two new undergraduate training proposals are presented: "Psychological Types: their application to the clinical field" and "Dreams and Fairy Tales: Introduction to Jungian interpretation" . Again both proposals approved without notice by the Honorable Board of Directors. During the first year of study, the number of enrolled in them already reached 876 students.

Added to these proposals in 2019 is a seminar: "New Contributions of Jungian Analytical Psychology: re-readings of Byung Chul Han from the developments of Carl G Jung" soon to begin (August 2019).

During 2013, the necessary requirements were presented to obtain the corresponding Legal Status as the Jungian Analytical Psychology Foundation F.P.A.J. Achievement that takes place in 2014, (Pers. Jud. 350A / 2014) being the first entity in Córdoba to obtain such status.

Thanks to it, reciprocal benefit agreements with the National University of Córdoba for Teaching and Research are increased. The main existing agreement is for collaboration in research, through the PSI (Supervised Research Practice) modality. In this modality, as of 2018, 23 Graduates in Psychology with Jungian orientation have been received with academic research that concluded in a thesis. Currently (March 2019) 4 more professionals joined the previous ones and there are 115 thesis students in different stages of their research projects, hoping to reach a number equal to or greater than the total 40 professionals received in this modality by the end of this year. This demonstrates an active and committed policy that ensures the training and integration of highly qualified and specialized professionals from the Jungian school.

Within the fulfillment of the central objective of the Jungian Analytical Psychology Foundation FPAJ, which is the dissemination of the work of the Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung, the professionals of the current work team (23 Graduates in Psychology and 32 student assistants) carry out multiple participations in athenaeums, symposia, congresses and professional associations throughout the country.

Regarding the participation in professional associations, the activities carried out in the College of Psychologists of the Province of Córdoba should be highlighted ( "Jungian Triptychs"; "Borges and Jung: a fruitful encounter"; "II Conference on Analytical Psychology: Archetypes current affairs and Jungian clinic ”).

Activities were carried out in conjunction with the Goethe Institute of Córdoba, where two days were held ( Analytical Psychology: The symbol as Re-union of the separate ).

The Foundation has been teaching uninterruptedly since 2013 a Biannual Postgraduate Training in Juguian Analytical Psychology that currently trains 127 Professionals. Outstanding teachers such as Dr. Teodoro Elías Isaac, Dr. Bernardo Nante, Dr. Raimon Arola, Dr. Ignacio Liendo, Dr. Javier Mercado, Dr. Gerardo Dealbera, Mgter have participated in our team. Marice Caro, Lic. Delia Paulina Bournissen, Lic. Rosana Asis, Prof. Lic. Fabian Humberto Jordan.

Likewise, the Foundation has multiple proposals for courses, workshops and seminars. Within these formats we can highlight the cycles of "Jungian Debates Cinema", "The Cafe of Archetypes", "Experimental Dream Analysis Workshop", "Advanced Seminar in Forensic Psychology with Jungian orientation"; "Intensive seminar: The thousand and one night in a Jungian key"; "Encounter of self-knowledge: Between Dances"; "Conference on Analytical Psychology: Current Archetypes and Jungian Clinic" (which is in its sixth edition), among the most outstanding.