The F.P.A.J. is a non-profit entity, whose purpose is to contribute socially and culturally to the study, research and dissemination of the work of Carl Gustav Jung through professional and academic training activities, as well as the creation of a cultural space and intellectual for the study of his work. Literary promotion, teaching activity and the creation of a healthcare area are our fundamental pillars.

About us

The Jungian Analytical Psychology Foundation (F.P.A.J.) has among its objectives the training of professional psychologists and non-psychologists in the theoretical framework created by Carl Jung. It also includes the dissemination of informational activities for the general public. It has a care aspect, from which the psychological assistance service is provided within the Jungian premises.

The F.P.A.J. It is a mixed institution, whose mission is training and research in pursuit of the growth of Jungian knowledge, as well as the clinic and the development of new techniques or the improvement of current ones.

Courses and training.

Multiple postgraduate courses oriented to different areas, such as clinical or forensic.


Supervised research and supervised internships in theses related to analytical psychology.

Psychological attention

Psychological assistance service provided by professionals trained in Jungian theory.

Service for companies

Business consulting and potential diagnosis.


Some experiences of those who have shared moments with us.

I share every word expressed here. It was a pleasure to walk through this subject, it allowed me to delve into this beautiful theory of which I knew little, and it confirmed that this is what I would like to practice in my profession in the future. Thank you for every detail and for so much passion and dedication, I assure you that all this touched us deeply and in many of us it will stay there. Total thanks.

Constanza Menichetti

Eternally grateful for that commitment, that passion and that vocation that crossed each of us in a different way. Fridays were prepared to be crossed by a deep reflection, from the theoretical or from the daily life. Beyond Jung, I take a great moral with the team of the chair. In their way of transmitting knowledge they transmit life, a way of connecting with it and its totality and with oneself, being genuine. You show that the impossible is just an abstract concept. Infinite thanks, we are aware of this transition.

Tomas Zuain

I loved each class, I loved the subject, I feel that I found the way of what I want to do when I receive it and I will continue to train in this exciting world of Jung. Although one generally arrives tired on Friday with work and weekly activities, I could not wait for it to be Friday to go to take this course, and leave full of positive energy.

Juan Manuel Garcia


News and updates from the foundation.

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